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HVAC Service Division


Our Service Division includes, Air Condition installation, A/C repair and A/C service.  The Service Division offers and provides Preventative Maintenance Programs for complete building service or individual client and tenant care.   The Service Division can assure maximum efficiency at a reasonable cost, prevent costly system failures or shutdowns and detect potential problems before damage to property or equipment occurs.  The Service Division offers after hour service if requested. Contact our Service Manager, Jim Alcorn: 

Cell: 214-793-4104

214-823-7917 ext. 106

Tenant Finish Construction


Transition the HVAC work which currently exists from the base building installation, to tenant spaces. This work usually requires additional HVAC equipment and materials as well as plumbing equipment, materials and fixtures.

Design Build Construction


The process of reviewing plans or drawings to determine the requirements for a complete HVAC installation. McLean Mechanical Contractors will produce a final engineer approved shop drawing for city approval. Drawings will include equipment locations, duct layouts, and air distribution locations. In addition, complete equipment specifications and schedules will be provided.

New Construction

Ground up projects:

HVAC - Provide and install equipment, air distribution devices, ductwork, and controls. Coordinate work with General Contractor’s and/or Owner’s Representatives to maintain time schedules and completion dates

Remodel Construction


Includes modification and/or replacement of existing HVAC to meet customer needs or code requirements.

Value Engineering


This procedure consists of reviewing completed mechanical and/or plumbing plans to offer cost-saving ideas. Through this process it is imperative not to disrupt the integrity of the design. Value engineering is normally a budget reducing procedure that has been requested or given through the bid as a voluntary option.

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