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History of MMC

                Bruce began his career path in 1971 when he became a sheet metal apprentice with the Dallas Union Chapter. He served his time as an apprentice at the Baylor Hospital Complex located on Gaston Avenue. In 1976, Bruce traveled to Saudi Arabia for the Sam P. Wallace Company. The work involved the Peace Hawk 5 Project. In 1982, he left the services of the Dallas Union and began his career as a project manager for National Mechanical Contractors.


                In 1990, Bruce became Vice President of the Ridenour Company, then owned by his longtime friend, Robert Ridenour. He had known Mr. Ridenour since his apprentice days at Baylor Hospital. In 2001, Robert announced it was time to retire, and in March of 2002, Bruce purchased the Ridenour Company along with a business partner. It became Air Performance Mechanical and remained under that name until July of 2013 when Bruce acquired full ownership of APM.


                We are now McLean Mechanical Contractors, Inc. We have been blessed with great employees both in our office and working in the field. It has been a memorable journey to get to where we are today, and we thank everyone who has been a part of that journey. It could not have been possible without you! 

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